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Hedges against inflation: Your monthly payment remains the same over the term of the lease or loan. Dollars paid later in the term usually have less purchasing power than those paid at the beginning of the you pay for today's equipment needs with tomorrow's lower-value dollars.

Preserves Other Lines of Credit: Tomorrow can bring many opportunities. Financing equipment with Affiliated Financial Services, means you'll have the credit available (either from the bank or other sources) to take advantage of future opportunities.

Improves Cash Flow: When you finance your equipment with Affiliated Financial Services, your cash isn't tied up in the equipment. Instead, it's free for other investments that will grow your business, produce income, and ensure the equipment you acquire earns profits.

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Equipment leasing benefits


Get your equipment fast

We’ll review your application and have a decision on your lease faster than any financial company in the industry. How fast? We’ll typically notify your equipment dealer that payment is on its way upon 48 hours of your approval. You just sit back and wait for them to deliver your equipment. 

Increased buying power

Leverage your buying power and free up cash with periodic payments rather than one upfront purchase. You can also add extra features or accessories to your equipment for a small payment increase. Now that’s putting the POW in Buying Power!

Dedicated support

Like personalized service? You’ll have your very own Account Manager to help with all your financing needs, and you’ll also have a small army of Customer Service Reps who have your back.

Custom payment streams

At Affiliated Financial Servcies, we’re all about flexibility. That’s why we’ll structure your payments seasonally, semi-annually or annually to match your revenue.

Potential tax benefits

In many instances, leasing provides a business with income tax benefits by allowing you to expense lease payments rather than depreciating the capital cost of equipment. Always consult your tax advisor to find out how leasing can benefit the tax position of your business.

Five-minute application

We’ll only need some basic personal, business and equipment information to get your application started. After all, we know the faster you get your equipment, the better.